Orchard Greens: spinach, lemon, ginger and apple

Greens Giant: spinach, kale, lemon, celery, cucumber, ginger

Heart Beets: raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, beets

Karrote: yellow and orange carrots, mango, peach, pineapple

​Berry Nice: blueberry,raspberry,blackberry.

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​​​​​Foods Of The Rainbow

Green fruits and vegetables

*Regulate detox enzymes in the liver

*Improve eye health

*Reduce risk of certain cancers.

One day $69 or One day plus $79*

Three day $179 or Three day plus $199*

Five day $279 or Five day plus $319*

Orange/Yellow fruits and vegetables

*Boost antioxidant intake

*Keep eyes and skin healthy

*Provide electrolyte and anti-inflammatory      compounds.

​​​​Choose your package :

What you get:

Pick your juice:

1-Day 3-Day or  5-Day Juice Cleanse

 All packages include:

 -5 juices in glass mason jars per day

 Plus Package includes:

 -*3 alkaline fruit infused waters per day

 -*3oz cup of chia seeds per day

 -*Ginger shot

 -*Wheat Grass shot.

Blue/Purple fruits and vegetables

*Increase antioxidant consumption

*Promotes anti-inflammation in the heart and blood vessels

*Supports immune system

​*Improves skin and helps prevent wrinkles.

Red fruits and vegetables

*Reduce risk of stroke 

*Reduce inflammation

*Promote heart health

​*Protect against certain types of cancer